Blackpool 3rds 1-2 Ormskirk

Having lost 7-3 to Ormskirk in their heaviest defeat of the season, Blackpool were aware of the danger and started with a defensive formation with their bare 11 players.

They were aware of the tricky no.29 and put Pete Latimer on man-marking duty, with Oli McVicor picking up any other attacker and Craig Nutter sweeping behind. With Kieran Armstong and Matt Atkinson as wing-backs, and Phil Weir as a defensive midfielder, Blackpool were able to withstand the initial Ormskirk attacks.

However, almost inevitably the no.29 eventually eluded his marking, found some space in the D and put away a forceful strike before any defender could get close. It wasn’t long before he scored a second, after dribbling past Pete Latimer, Craig Nutter and shooting past Joby Jeffery from a tight angle.

The Blackpool defence kept on going, with Toby Jeffery making some important saves, with the goal being peppered, and he was later awarded Man of the Match for his efforts. The ball was also ricocheting off shins, stomachs and heads of other players but no further goals were let in.

Meanwhile with Joe Neath tireless in midfield, Blackpool started making some attacks of their own, and the second half was a more balanced game. In fact Blackpool had the ball in the back of the net courtesy of a Chris Walker back-stick shot, only for it to be disallowed due to the ball being judged to enter the D dangerously high from Matt Atkinson’s attack. Captain Matt Atherton didn’t agree with the interpretation and was sent to the sin-bin for being too loud in his opinion.

Blackpool found their first goal from a short corner, after first Matt Atherton’s shot was saved, then Joe Neath’s follow-up was also smothered but Phil Weir was in the right position to make it third time lucky, and score his first ever goal in Blackpool colours.

With less than 10 minutes remaining, the faithful Blackpool supporters were roaring on the home team, sensing an upset. Blackpool young team pressed further, but in the end couldn’t quite find the second goal they needed.

The match may have ended in a 2-1 loss for Blackpool, but they had effectively won the second half 1-0 and it was clear from Ormskirk’s cheers at the final whistle that they knew they could have dropped precious points in their promotion race.