Churchill never gave up hope and neither do Blackpool

Blackpool Men’s 1s 3-3 Tameside Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer In the spring of 1940 the country was on its knees, Hitler controlled all of Western Europe and was massing troops on the French north coast for a summer invasion. The UK economy was in pieces, the armed forces massivly overstreched and the nation really […]

This report’s a joke.

Blackpool Men’s 1s 0-3 Bowdon Men’s 3s by Peter Latimer A man went to a zoo……. It only had one animal…….. A dog……… It was a Shitzu Now I know you are now thinking what has a brilliant joke like that got to do with a report about a hockey game? But good games are […]

Edge Hill hold on for win despite impressive Blackpool comeback

Blackpool Men’s 2s 3-5 Edge Hill University Men’s 1st by David Wright Blackpool 2nd XI came out to this game full of confidence but allowed Edge Hill the early advantage where they were awarded a penalty stroke when the ball was stopped from crossing the line by a foot of one of the Blackpool defenders, […]

Xmas Party Night

Blackpool Men’s 1s 0-2 South Lakes Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer Tensions had been running high all week as the build up to the game was keeping most other sporting issues off the back pages. Monday saw the club captain had lashed out at a Mirror reporter after he found him going through his rubbish […]

Morrows missed by Morgan’s magnificent men

Blackpool Men’s 1s 1-5 Brooklands MU Men’s 3s by Peter Latimer Blackpool turned up at Brooklands with a full team apart from the Morrow brothers, due to the sudden overnight illness of Liam and the surprise entry of Kieron’s Runcorn match report “Book of Champions” (19/11/05) into the Turner Prize, resulting in a frenzied weekend […]

Blackpool educate Salford Students on Hockey

Blackpool Men’s 2s 4-0 University of Salford Men’s 2nd by David Wright Blackpool 2nd travelled to Salford University full of confidence expecting yet another win under their belts & they were not disappointed as right from the off Nick Walker fired in a close range effort from a short corner. Good passing moves from Andy […]

Blackpool storm through South Cheshire

Blackpool Men’s 1s 6-1 South Cheshire Men’s 2s by David Wright This game at Stanley Park was a crucial test to whether Blackpool were in contention for a promotion place & they stood up well to the challenge as Blackpool got off to a great start when Daniel Woodman took on three opposition defenders to […]

Edge Hill come on top despite late tangerine comeback

Blackpool Men’s 2s 2-4 Edge Hill University Men’s 1st by David Wright Blackpool started this fixture with some complacency after Saturday’s win as Edge Hill took early advantage with scoring two goals in the first half as Blackpool were no match for this well drilled team. Soon after the half time interval Edge Hill added […]

Blackpool come away with another win

Blackpool Men’s 2s 2-1 Leigh Men’s 2/Badgers by David Wright Blackpool 2nd came to Leigh full of confidence with haven’t been beaten in nearly three weeks as the Blackpool midfield overloaded the Leigh defence with having two goals disallowed within the first ten minutes. Good passing moves from Mike Ashfield, Ryan Lynch & Sean Lester […]

The Book of Champions

Blackpool Men’s 1s 5-0 Runcorn Men’s 1s by David Wright 1 In the eighth game of the reign of the Lord came Blackpool unto Murdishaw, and besieged it. 2 And the Lord spake unto Morgan the master of his eunuchs, that he should bring certain of the children of Israel, aka Blackpool, and also Joe, […]

Blackpool’s 3-0 flying start almost crash landed

Blackpool Men’s 1s 3-2 Lancaster University Men’s 1st by Peter Latimer The cleaning crews had only just finished their night shift before the next instalment of the tangerine army got underway. A bright sunny morning greeted many of the fans as they awoke with hangovers from the previous days action. Blackpool are a guaranteed razzle […]

Blackpool gain sweet revenge over Bowdon Vets

Blackpool Men’s 2s 5-1 Bowdon Men’s Over 40s by David Wright Blackpool 2nd went from strength to strength as they lead Bowdon Vets 3-0 at the half time break with goals from Andy Mortimer, Ashley Blakemore & Paul Atherton. The home side came out at half time a little complacent as Bowdon managed to gain […]