Blackpool 0 – Didsbury 5

Blackpool Men’s 1s 0-5 Didsbury Northern Men’s 2s by Peter Latimer Not since the glorious summer of 1953 has the Stanley Park crowd witnessed such extreme temperatures so early in the Spring. Pitch side the thermometer rose to a dramatic 22 degrees and Blackpool players witnessed at first hand what heat exhaustion was like. In […]

Blackpool 2 – Blackburn 1

Blackpool Men’s 1s 2-1 Blackburn Northern Mens 1s by Peter Latimer A glorious afternoon saw a full squad of players turn up for the penultimate game of the season. The captain had decided to play the centre back and sweeper up front and the two forwards in defence. This worked a treat in the first […]

Cheetham & Heywood 2 – Blackpool 9

Blackpool Men’s 1s 9-2 Cheetham & Heywood Men’s 2s by Peter Latimer It’s been a long time coming and the months have gone by, the leaves have fallen from the trees and threatened to regrow. The days got shorter and then started to get longer and the Blackpool captain waited and waited. The arctic winds […]

Blackpool 1 – Rhyl 6

Blackpool Men’s 1s 1-6 Rhyl & District Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer A really scratch side did their best on a useless pitch that was drier than the Sahara and as bouncy as a Giggles lap dancing club. The line up of Blakemore, Mitch & Ash, Abbott, Boniface twins, Walker, Morrow’s, Pasqualino, Wright, Morgan & […]

South Cheshire 4 – 1 Blackpool

Blackpool Men’s 1s 1-4 South Cheshire Men’s 2s by Peter Latimer A team of just 10 travelled to Cheshire, knowing that Latimer was only due to arrive midway through the first half. Luckliy he arrived just as the game started, so the few minutes missed did not cost Blackpool. Blackpool started strongly, even though they […]

Blackpool 2 – Bangor 6

Blackpool Men’s 1s 2-6 Bangor University Men’s 1st by Peter Latimer A good game of hockey was played on a miserable February afternoon at Stanley Park. Top of the table Bangor arrived very early and had well over an hour to warm up. Blackpool’s substitute keeper Andy Rouse arrived early to join in the fun […]

Sale 1 – Blackpool 0

Blackpool Men’s 1s 0-1 Sale Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer Another spirited performance from a rejuvenated Blackpool side that played in a very competitive game against a well drilled side. From the off Blackpool knew what to expect from a team who has risen through the leagues with them. A slow and sandy pitch meant […]

Blackpool 1 – Tameside 0

Blackpool Men’s 1s 1-0 Tameside Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer As Blackpool walked on to the pitch the once capacity crowds at Stanley Park were no where to be seen. Gone were the barmy army, the families and even the directors box was half empty, but this did not sway Blackpool from the course they […]

Runcorn 5 – Blackpool 0

Blackpool Men’s 1s 0-5 Runcorn Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer Oh the joys of being a sports journalist and following the once great Blackpool around the seedier parts of North West England. Blackpool have disintegrated in 2005 after a promising finish to the first half of the season, injuries and illness have played their part […]

Blackpool 1 – Lancaster Uni 2

Blackpool Men’s 1s 1-2 Lancaster University Men’s 1st by Peter Latimer Another Saturday another loss, home or away it does not seem to matter these days. The captain was again let down by people who could not even be bothered to show up for the game, was left to fill in positions 10 minutes before […]

Northop Hall 6 – Blackpool 2

Blackpool Men’s 1s 2-6 Northop Hall Men’s 2s by Peter Latimer Blackpool looked to travel to Wales for the third time this season to snatch some desperately needed points, but it was never going to happen. With injuries to Liam Morrow and Rob Abbott, Dave Morgan suffering structural damage, Pete Latimer and Andrew Mortimer down […]

Blackburn 0 – Blackpool 2

Blackpool Men’s 1s 2-0 Blackburn Northern Mens 1s by Peter Latimer After last weeks hospital drama, the tangerines were looking for a good result against a Blackburn side that has shown little resistance to attacking sides. With a strong line up of Blakemore, Woodman, Gettings, Boniface, Latimer, Pasqualino, two Morrow’s, Chadwick, Mortimer and Morgan the […]