Who needs Bowden & Brooklands anyway?

Blackpool Men’s 1s 4-0 Runcorn Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer There are teams in certain sports that win things that they really don’t deserve. Football is a perfect example. There are teams that have won championships and cups that plainly don’t deserve the title. Chelsea are the current holders of this dubious award. Mr Abramovich […]

The Ferrari of the Blackpool side

Blackpool Men’s 1s 3-0 South Cheshire Men’s 2s by Peter Latimer Automotive engineering excellence has been the goal of car makers for over a century. After all this time you would think that they would have got it right and there would be nothing left to invent. After all a car is just a metal […]

10 goal thriller but our reporter wants to explain why dog turd used to be white!

Blackpool Men’s 1s 4-6 Brooklands MU Men’s 3s by Peter Latimer For millennia questions have been asked about why things that are one colour change their colour to something else. I am not talking about the animal kingdom where it was a necessity for survival, I am talking about more mundane, inanimate items like chocolate, […]

Blackpool snatch late equaliser from Salford students

Blackpool Men’s 2s 2-2 University of Salford Men’s 2nd by David Wright Salford University travelled to Blackpool on yet another sunny Sunday afternoon and took a two goal lead but Blackpool came back with fighting spirit with a well taken goal from Ashley Blackemore then with only 15 seconds on the clock Steve Whitley grabbed […]

A game of two halves

Blackpool Men’s 1s 5-2 Northop Hall Men’s 2s by Peter Latimer Shakespeare wrote in The Life and Death of Julius Caesar the now famous line “Beware the ides of March”. The Ides of March falls on the 15th of the month but Caesar’s astrologer who was called Spurinna told him on the 25th February to […]

Blackpool steam ahead despite early set backs

Blackpool Men’s 2s 7-1 Leigh Men’s 2/Badgers by David Wright The game was played on a sunny sunday afternoon against a full strength Leigh side, despite this Blackpool cruised to an easy victory, despite poor behavior from players on both sides. A promising result for the 2nds going into the NW hockey league next season. […]

The truth hurts

Blackpool Men’s 1s 1-5 Lancaster University Men’s 1st by Peter Latimer No jokes or stories this week just hard simple facts. Blackpool were absolutely rubbish. There I have said it. It has taken several years and many, many matches for this reporter to actually report the truth. The club requests that each week I write […]

Who ate all the pies?

Blackpool Men’s 1s 4-1 Wigan Men’s 2s by Peter Latimer Wigan is a semi industrial town in West Lancashire, it boasts a moderately successful football team, is the base for the JJB sports company and is the home of the pie. Not just any pie either, a truly mouth watering delicacy. A traditional Wigan pie […]

The Jabberhockey – Blackpool through the Looking Glass

Blackpool Men’s 1s 4-1 Sale Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer Twas brillig, and the saints cause Did gyre and gimble on the pitch; All mimsy were the Sale bores, Hence there wont be a draw. Beware the JABBERHOCKEY, my son! The balls that fly, the skills at pace. Beware the AryGaz, and shun The frumious […]

An off day in the Cumbrian sunshine

Blackpool Men’s 1s 0-3 West Cumbria Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer Readers know this reporter has an undying love for BHC and I have to admit to sometimes slightly biased reporting of events. But there is no gloss that can make this report any easier to write. Every season Blackpool collectively have an off game, […]

Leigh come away with result despite BHC pressure

Blackpool Men’s 2s 0-1 Leigh Men’s 1s by David Wright Blackpool were unlucky to win this fixture as they lost to a well taken goal from Leigh in the 2nd half, despite BHC keeper making a fine save from a penalty stroke. Buy Latest Cisco 352-001 Real Demo Are The Best Materials a also objective […]

Churchill never gave up hope and neither do Blackpool

Blackpool Men’s 1s 3-3 Tameside Men’s 1s by Peter Latimer In the spring of 1940 the country was on its knees, Hitler controlled all of Western Europe and was massing troops on the French north coast for a summer invasion. The UK economy was in pieces, the armed forces massivly overstreched and the nation really […]